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東京スカイツリー Tokyo Skytree(R)

東京スカイツリー Tokyo Skytree(R)

Just right beside Tokyo Sky Tree station and Oshiage (Front of Sky Tree) station, the Tokyo Sky Tree is one of the tallest man-made structures in the world. With an observation deck at 450m in height, one can enjoy a view of 70m in distance. Other than that, there is shopping, an aquarium, dome theater and other entertainment in the Tokyo Sky Tree town. This is definitely one of the tourist destinations to visit if you ever come to Japan.

Tokyo Skytree(R) with a height of 634 meters is the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. The impressive tower, whose base color is Japanese traditional indigo white (almost white, with a slight shade of blue), is soaring high like a huge tree reaching up to the sky.

Tokyo Skytree(R)

A panoramic view of Tokyo can be enjoyed either from the Tokyo Skytree(R) Tembo Deck at 350 meters or the Tokyo Tembo Galleria at 450 meters. You may be able to see Mt. Fuji, the Boso Peninsula or even Miura Peninsula depending on the weather. A must-see spot in addition to the observation deck is the Sumida Aquarium where 400 species are being raised, and the waters of Tokyo Bay and Ogasawara Islands are reproduced. Visitors can get a close look at the penguins and fur seals swimming in the huge tank, active in the daytime under an environment close to natural sunlight and sleeping under dim lights at night. Also visit Solamachi Square where you can find artwork by sculptor Kiichi Sumikawa, who supervised the tower design, and look up at the top of the tower from between three pillars. Another recommended spot is the Konica Minolta Planetarium “Tenku” in TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN(R)?, where 360 degrees of images of the spectacular world of space unfold before your eyes. The tower illumination design alternates between two styles, “Iki,” the spirit of Edo, and “Miyabi,” its aesthetics. And don’t miss the official mascot Sorakara-chan. Solamachi offers many Tokyo Skytree(R) souvenirs, and before or after visiting the tower, stop by the local area of Oshiage or Mukoujima with shops filled with the friendly atmosphere of old downtown. A popular spot for taking a photo of the entire tower is from Jikken Bridge over the Kitajikken River, which connects Sumida River and Kyunaka River.