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美ら海水族館 Churaumi Aquarium

美ら海水族館 Churaumi Aquarium

The Ocean Expo Park of Okinawa boasts of the largest tank 'kuroshio sea' in Churaumi Aquarium. Including a 8.5m long shark, Kuroshio Sea houses many other gigantic fish and visitors of Churaumi Aquarium are always having a good time. Opening hours from 8:30am in the morning, and is highly recommended to visit before the fish are fed as they are the most active during that time.

Churaumi Aquarium takes its name from “chura” meaning “beautiful” or “graceful” in the Okinawan dialect and “umi” meaning “sea” in Japanese.

Churaumi Aquarium

As its name suggests, Churaumi Aquarium houses many beautiful tanks that recreate the sea of Okinawa and the rich natural environment. It is one of the most popular aquariums among the Japanese. Since opening in 2002, around 2.5 million people have visited Churaumi Aquarium every year. Most of them come to the aquarium for the same reason. That is to see the huge tank called “Kuroshio Sea.” This gigantic tank made of acrylic panel with a depth of 10m, width of 35m and length of 27m is said to be the largest in the Orient. Visitors are not only amazed by its size, but also by the groups of 8.5 meter-long whale sharks raised in the tank, Alfred mantas with the world’s longest record in captivity, and the overwhelming beauty of the wide variety of fish swimming in tank. Everyone stops in front of the huge tank and loses track of time, captivated by what they see. The magnificent aquarium offers many other programs including dolphin shows and feeding experiences (fee required) to enjoy the beautiful sea of Okinawa.