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由布院温泉 Yufuin Hot Spring

由布院温泉 Yufuin Hot Spring

Among the numerous hot springs in Japan, the representative Yufuin hot spring has 40 million visitors per year. The famous hot spring inns are "Yufuin Tamanoyu", "Kamenoibesso" and "Sanso murata".

The Japanese have always enjoyed soaking in a bathtub at home, and the volcanic country has over 2,000 hot springs. This has led to hot springs becoming accessible resorts and a familiar place for a wide range of purposes, including gatherings with families, friends or colleagues, and as a sanatorium or a place for health improvement.

Yufuin Hot Spring

Located in Yufu City in Oita Prefecture, Yufuin is a hot spring that lies in the natural surroundings of Yufuin Basin at the foot of Mt. Yufu. Since the middle of the Showa era, the combined efforts of the residents led to the rapid developmented of the area, which emerged as one of the leading hot springs in Japan. The smooth water that is not too distinctive is highly reputed, and four million people come to the hot spring to relieve their stress every year. It welcomes many foreign visitors, but they often don’t know how to take a Japanese bath. So, it’s important to learn the rules of etiquette, such as showering yourself before dipping in the bath. The landmark of Yufuin is Lake Kirinko, having both hot and cold springs at the lake bottom. The lakeside colored with lush greenery or autumn foliage changes with the season. Along the main street called Yunotsubo Kaido that extends from Yufuin Station to Lake Kirinko, general stores, sweets and souvenir shops are lined between the trees, as well as museums that exhibit the artistic world of Yufuin. Also popular are the local dishes made with full-flavored vegetables grown in the basin known for extreme temperature differences. Enjoy the seasonal dishes prepared with potherb mustard in the summer or watercress and broad beans in the winter. For getting around town, rickshaws with an entertaining guide or sightseeing carriages are recommended for foreign travelers. The three most famous hot-spring inns are Yufuin Tamanoyu, Kamenoi Bessou, and Sansou Murata. They serve meals that bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients and their heartwarming service and hospitality are exceptional. Also popular are inns with open-air baths that command a view of Mt. Yufu also known as Bungo Fuji. Also located 20 minutes by car is the stone-paved hot spring area called Yunohara Hot Spring that has prospered as a therapeutic spa since the Edo period.