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東京駅 TokyoStation

東京駅 TokyoStation

Known for being a red-bricked, historic building of high value, Tokyo station is one of the sights of Tokyo. Including the indispensable shinkansen lines for long distance domestic travel, Tokyo station has 23 platforms, and is the central base for commute. As a result, it is frequently used by tourists, businessmen, and hotels, restuarants are gathered around the station.

Tokyo is the terminal station for Shinkansen bullet trains that extend to the north and west, and serves as the railhead of Japan’s railway network.


The building on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station was designed by architect Kingo Tatsuno in 1914, who also designed the Bank of Japan building. The renovation of the beloved building was completed in 2012. The exterior is very picturesque, and the beautiful nighttime illumination with the concept “peaceful scenery” attracts many people every day. The gentle lights cast on the timeless space is a comforting sight for the Japanese. The renovation work also included the renewal of the Tokyo Station Hotel, which opened for the first time in six and a half years since it suspended operations in 2006. The hotel originally opened in 1915, one year after the opening of Tokyo Station, and was loved by many literary figures including Seicho Matsumoto (Japanese novelist who became popular after the 50’s. The first Japanese to have his work published in the American mystery magazine, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine). Although the rooms used by the great writers were fully refurbished in the renovation and no longer exist, the hotel is busy receiving many inquiries and bookings from fans wanting to stay at the hotel. Inside the station, Central Street opened with a select shop for convenient travel items, shops specializing in box lunches sold at stations, and gift shops. There is also a pastry shop offering classic baked goods made by a traditional method that has not changed since its establishment in 1922, a street lined with eight famous ramen shops in Tokyo, and many other restaurants. There is also a character goods shop for the Suica IC card, so Tokyo Station is like one of the largest shopping malls in Japan where people of all ages can enjoy buying souvenirs and delicious gourmet.