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炊飯器 Rice Coocker

炊飯器 Rice Coocker

The staple food in Japan is rice. While it is known worldwide that Japanese grains taste extremely good when cooked, another reason is the superb functions of rice cookers. As most of the rice cookers are electrical, instead of the pot being heated, the pot itself emits heat and that helps to cook rice evenly, ensuring its good taste. Moreover, usage is extremely simple with the push of one button. Japanese rice cookers come in a variety of sizes and prices, why not try one if you are into Japanese food?

Japan is famous as a rice- eating country. Cooked Japanese rice is tasty with its glossy and perfectly soft and full features. It’s remarkable when you think that households across Japan are enjoying this rice.

Rice Coocker

What makes this possible is of course the rice itself, but the rice cooker also plays an important role. The electric rice cooker was first introduced in Japan in 1955. In 1988, the current types utilizing induction heating (IH) appeared in the market, which enabled households to cook delicious rice in a short time. As women made their way into society, Japanese housewives and manufacturers considered ways to apply the quick, instant cooking feature of rice cookers to prepare other types of dishes. As a result, rice cookers no longer simply cook rice. A wide variety of dishes can now be made, from stewed and steamed dishes, cakes to even fried chicken. And this is gaining attention as a healthy way to cook without using oil. These multi-functional rice cookers, for cooking different dishes in addition to rice, are selling well at electronics retail stores. We hope you will try using these Japanese rice cookers, but you need to be careful when making your purchase. Note the difference in voltage and rice. First, the difference in voltage can be resolved by going to the electronics district of Akihabara. The shops there handle products with different voltages, so you’ll be able to find a rice cooker compatible in your country. Second, the difference in rice. Japanese rice cookers are designed to bring out the best of Japanese rice, and many of them are not suited to cooking rice grown in other countries. However, multi-functional rice cookers can be used to cook other types of dishes, so you might want to choose one of them! We hope you will have a chance to use the Japanese rice cooker to prepare healthy and delicious meals at home!