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あぶらとり紙 Aburatorigami (Oil Blotting Paper)

あぶらとり紙 Aburatorigami (Oil Blotting Paper)

'Abura torigami' is oil blotting paper used to remove excess sebum on the face. It is a basic beauty item and can be seen on the market from various manufacturers in Japan but Kyoto's 'Yojiya' has established itself as the representative brand. With its well-known face logo, the product proves to be a popular souvenir. Still rather unfamiliar in the United States and Europe, the oil blotting paper is gaining recognition recently as a product that conveys the traditional beauty of Japan, and the brand 'TATCHA' from California is also attracting attention.

There are many items to freshen yourself up during the sweaty summer, such as towels and deodorant sprays, and in Japan, aburatorigami is an essential item.

Aburatorigami (Oil Blotting Paper)

Aburatorigami is oil blotting facial paper to absorb excess oil by pressing it on the face. It can be used while wearing makeup, as it will not remove the makeup, and the item is conveniently used by women during the summer when the skin becomes oilier. Its origin is Japanese paper used to wrap gold when making gold leaf, which later found its current use. When gold was repeatedly beaten into gold leaf, people noticed that particles on the paper surface were also stretched and absorbency improved, and maiko and geiko began using them in Kyoto where demand for gold was high. It was commercialized as aburatorigami, and developed in Kyoto that handled large amounts of gold leaf and in Kanazawa, the production area of golf leaf. An especially famous brand is the aburatorigami from Kyoto’s “Yojiya.” Many people are familiar with the package with an illustration of a hand mirror reflecting a woman’s face. This booklet is 420 yen for 60 sheets and sold at shops in Kyoto and major international airports. Also, different types of aburatorigami are available at drugstores in Japan (i.e. Matsumoto Kiyoshi). You might want to stop by to check the selection other than Yojiya. With wider use of smartphones, many people aren’t pleased with a greasy screen when it touches your face, so aburatorigami is now used by men as well as by women. Try the aburatorigami this summer to keep your beautiful face free of shine.