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Easy to serve and add variety

Udon is a traditional Japanese noodle made by mixing wheat with salt and water. The dough is stretched long, cut into thin slices, and boiled to serve. There is a variety of ways to season and serve udon. Boiled udon may be chilled and dipped in a soup made with …

It is said that udon was brought from China in ancient times.

There are various stories about the origin of udon, but one legend tells us that a type of wheat pastry stuffed with sweet red beans called “konton” was brought …

Udon is a simple staple, and its texture plays an important role.

To prepare delicious udon, it is important to boil udon properly. With the advancement of technology, it has become easy to make fresh udon, ready to …

Regional differences in seasoning and shapes of udon.

As for regional differences of udon, it is a well-known fact that seasoning for the dipping sauce and soup is very different between Western and Eastern Japan. In …

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