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Nice Meal Coupons in Tokyo and Tohoku

Special offer coupons for Tokyo and Tohoku restaurants.


鉄板Diner JAKEN 新宿店 | 繁體中文
!附贈起泡酒香檳|有效期限 : 2018年1月31日!
8,000円(税入8,640円) / 1名

鉄板Diner JAKEN | English
! Free Sparkling Wine Coupon | Valid Until : January 31, 2018 !
Specialty Kuroge Wagyu beef set menu (All 8 dishes)
8,000JPY(Tax 8,640) / 1people
* Each customer must order at least one drink

有效期限 : 2018年1月31日


新宿柳苑 RYUEN | 繁體中文
!第一杯飲料免費|有效期限 : 2018年1月31日!

新宿柳苑 RYUEN | English
! One Free Drink |Valid Until : January 31, 2018 !
* Dinner Only

一杯目ドリンクサービス|有效期限 : 2018年1月31日 


銀座 壱八 Ichibachi | 繁體中文
!結帳時憑券可享9折優惠|有效期限 : 2018年1月31日!

銀座 壱八 Ichibachi | English
! 10% Discount | Valid Until : January 31, 2018 !
*Dinner Only, Not Available for Course Meals

会計より10%OFF|有效期限 : 2018年1月31日


居酒屋 佗び助 Wabisuke | 繁體中文
!贈送一道菜|有效期限 : 2018年1月31日!
*餐廳電話僅限日語對應。GURUNAVI Reservation Support(預訂代理): 僅限英文對應及接聽國際電話費需客戶負擔
+81-50-2018-1384, 平日10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (日本時間)

居酒屋 佗び助 Wabisuke | English
! One Free Dish | Valid Until : January 31, 2018 !
*Reservation required a few days prior.
*Gurunavi Reservation Support: phone number +81-50-2018-1384, Weekdays 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Japan Time) .
For details, please refer to the upper right button of the restaurant page to understand the process.
*international telephone fee shall be paid by the customer.
*Restaurant phone is only available in Japanese.

会計より10%OFF|有效期限 : 2018年1月31日    ※予約必須 
店舗電話は日本語のみ対応となります。Gurunavi Reservation Supportより英語のみの電話予約代行できます。国際電話費用はお客様負担となります。詳細は店舗ページ英語版の右上ボタンより予約手順をご確認頂けます。 

All terms and conditions must be met for this coupon to be valid.

  • Valid only for either one of the offers.
  • Coupon must be presented before ordering.
  • Limit 1 coupon per visit.
  • Limit 1 coupon per group.
  • Coupon cannot be combined with any other services or offers.
  • Online reservations are not available for discount coupons.
  • 僅限使用其中一項
  • 點餐時出示
  • 每次限用一張
  • 每組客人限用一張
  • 不可與其他服務並用
  • 網上預約不能使用優惠券
  • いずれか1つのみ利用可
  • オーダー時に提示
  • 1回1枚限り
  • 1グループ1枚まで
  • 他サービスとの併用不可
  • ネット予約は割引クーポン利用不可

Zauo Shinjuku: Fishing, Friends and Family Fun in Tokyo

Cast your line into the fun at Zauo Shinjuku(ざうお 新宿店), a seafood haunt with a quirky difference. Don't de-bait about it--just take your friends and see for yourself!

Zauo Shinjuku: Fishing, Friends and Family Fun in Tokyo

Japan is known for having the world’s freshest seafood, where customers are treated to sushi and sashimi that have been caught off the country’s coast that very morning; some are even lucky enough to dine on fish pulled directly from the sushi shop’s fish tank and prepared on demand. But at Zauo (literally, “The Fish”), a Kanto restaurant chain as unconventional as it is delicious, the word “fresh” doesn’t begin to describe the experience! Why bother fishing for words here, when the pictures speak for themselves?


Zauo has locations through Japan including the Kyushu, Kansai and Tokai regions, but the idea was born in Kanto. Stepping into Zauo Shinjuku, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the sight of a boat docked in the center of the restaurant. Zauo bills itself as a “fishing restaurant,” a phrase that means exactly what you might imagine: You can enjoy actually catching your meal from the fishing pool and having it cooked for you then and there. While attention to thematic detail and uber-fresh seafood are highlights, the real charm of Zauo begins with the experience of fishing for your grub! Of course, there are a few steps you need to follow before casting out your line.

Catching a Bite to Eat at Zauo Shinjuku


Just to make sure that nothing fishy happens, Zauo’s helpful waitstaff will first explain each step of your adventure after you’re seated. As they have an English menu and guidelines, there is no need to worry about getting tangled up in the intricacies of Japanese language. Since Zauo Shinjuku is located inside a hotel, the clientele has a high percentage of foreign tourists, particularly Americans and Europeans. So how do you catch a bite to eat at Zauo?

Step 1: Pick Out Your Rod and Bait


After hearing an explanation from the waitstaff, the first thing you need to do is get your supplies and buy bait for the fish. Bait can be purchased cheaply, costing ¥100–200. Rods are sturdy and simple without reels, perfect for novices and “a-fish-ionados” alike. Best of all, they are free of charge!

Step 2: Choose Your Fish


Once you’re ready, tell the staff which fish you want to catch. Each type is separated into smaller tanks and the price is properly written out so there should be no trouble deciding which one to catch.

Step 3: Start Fishing


Once you choose a fish, it’s then released into the larger tank for your fishing—and hopefully, eating—pleasure! Most people who try their hand at fishing have limited experience, but there’s no need to be a pro-fisherman here. You are likely to catch your fish without a problem, so it’s time to let your line out and see what bites.

Step 4: Make Your Big Catch


Cast, wait, jerk and catch! As you can see, it’s a lot of fun. If you come to Zauo as a group, make sure to get everybody involved in scooping up the fish with the net and pulling it in. It’s a great way to enjoy a bit of teamwork and get the mood going before your fresh fish feast.

If you’re trying to catch one fish and end up catching another, talk with the waitstaff who will be happy to help you catch the one that got away. And in the event that you can’t seem to catch anything, ask the staff for some fishing know-how. No matter your level of fishing prowess, your experience is sure to end with a catch—and with it, a great meal.

Step 5: Time to Eat


After catching your fish, hand over your net to the waitstaff, who will make sure that the fish is quickly prepared according to your preferences. Even if there is only one fish between two people with very different tastes, you can rest easy; the staff is more than happy to prepare each half in a different way! In other words, picky eaters and culinary adventurers alike can all enjoy themselves no matter who’s in the group.

Three Great Ways to Enjoy Fish at Zauo Shinjuku


Don’t Like to Fish? Order Straight Off the Menu

Sazai Shellfishzauo
Of course, it’s possible to bypass the fishing altogether and order food without casting a line—this sazai shellfish, for example, comes straight off the menu, as do all the fish available at Zauo. However, if you catch your meal yourself, you can get a slight discount: the ¥3,360 sea bream will cost only ¥2,499 if you do the leg work, and a ¥3,990 flounder will cost ¥3,129. Saving money is wonderful, but the experience is about more than prices: Not only will fishing in the heart of Tokyo give you a lifelong memory, but it’s also simply too much fun to pass up! Everyone should plan to drop a line and see what it’s all about.

A Tokyo Restaurant with a Truly Unique “Al-Lure”


At Shinjuku’s fishing restaurant “Zauo,” you can enjoy reeling in a fresh catch and then have it prepared as you like it. Just like the restaurant’s slogan “Catch the fun!” says, visitors come for the joy of fishing and stay for the amazing food. Zauo is wonderful for dates, ideal for big groups or family outings, and even great for a single patron looking for a new Tokyo experience. Zauo Shinjuku will ensure a fun-filled event from your first cast to your last bite.



Restaurant Infomation

Phone: 03-3343-6622 (+81-3-3343-6622)
Address: Washington Hotel, 1st Floor, 3-2-9 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023
URL: Zauo Shinjuku ざうお 新宿店

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Enjoyable healing hot springs at Japanese airports.

There is a hot spring (Onsen) in the Japanese airports, please to the healing of the journey.

oyattosa-airport-hot spring

f you're seeing come to Kagoshima airport, Please experience the footbath of hot spring. Oyattosa natural hot spring foot baths Kagoshima airport is among the facilities Japanese airports, provide the first natural hot spring footbath. Anyone feel free to enjoy the hot spring mood.Please spend a blissful moments mind also healed the body
against the background of the nature.

鹿児島空港 天然温泉足湯おやっとさぁ

ENGLISH  http://koj-ab.co.jp/en/relax-and-enjoy/oyattosa.html

New Chitose Airport Onsen

ew Chitose Airport Onsen. Japanese-style hot springs in the Hokkaido airport! Enjoy the relax and refresh at beginning and end of the tour. Located on the top of the domestic terminal, building 4F. There are 11 guest rooms available for overnight stay. The Spa is really nice.

新千歳空港温泉 万葉の湯

ENGLISH  http://koj-ab.co.jp/en/relax-and-enjoy/oyattosa.html


agoya, Chubu Centrair International Airport. The first of its kind in Japan, travelers can relax and enjoy a relaxing soak in this bathhouse "Fu No Yu", which offers a view of the airplanes and the sunset beyond the Ise Bay. You can watch the departing airplanes, and take advantage of the hospitality to soothe your fatigue. This is a place to truly relish a fine moment while viewing the airplanes and watching the sun as it sets. Located on the Sky Town 4F

ENGLISH http://koj-ab.co.jp/en/relax-and-enjoy/oyattosa.html