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Zauo Shinjuku: Fishing, Friends and Family Fun in Tokyo

Cast your line into the fun at Zauo Shinjuku(ざうお 新宿店), a seafood haunt with a quirky difference. Don't de-bait about it--just take your friends and see for yourself!

Zauo Shinjuku: Fishing, Friends and Family Fun in Tokyo

Japan is known for having the world’s freshest seafood, where customers are treated to sushi and sashimi that have been caught off the country’s coast that very morning; some are even lucky enough to dine on fish pulled directly from the sushi shop’s fish tank and prepared on demand. But at Zauo (literally, “The Fish”), a Kanto restaurant chain as unconventional as it is delicious, the word “fresh” doesn’t begin to describe the experience! Why bother fishing for words here, when the pictures speak for themselves?


Zauo has locations through Japan including the Kyushu, Kansai and Tokai regions, but the idea was born in Kanto. Stepping into Zauo Shinjuku, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the sight of a boat docked in the center of the restaurant. Zauo bills itself as a “fishing restaurant,” a phrase that means exactly what you might imagine: You can enjoy actually catching your meal from the fishing pool and having it cooked for you then and there. While attention to thematic detail and uber-fresh seafood are highlights, the real charm of Zauo begins with the experience of fishing for your grub! Of course, there are a few steps you need to follow before casting out your line.

Catching a Bite to Eat at Zauo Shinjuku


Just to make sure that nothing fishy happens, Zauo’s helpful waitstaff will first explain each step of your adventure after you’re seated. As they have an English menu and guidelines, there is no need to worry about getting tangled up in the intricacies of Japanese language. Since Zauo Shinjuku is located inside a hotel, the clientele has a high percentage of foreign tourists, particularly Americans and Europeans. So how do you catch a bite to eat at Zauo?

Step 1: Pick Out Your Rod and Bait


After hearing an explanation from the waitstaff, the first thing you need to do is get your supplies and buy bait for the fish. Bait can be purchased cheaply, costing ¥100–200. Rods are sturdy and simple without reels, perfect for novices and “a-fish-ionados” alike. Best of all, they are free of charge!

Step 2: Choose Your Fish


Once you’re ready, tell the staff which fish you want to catch. Each type is separated into smaller tanks and the price is properly written out so there should be no trouble deciding which one to catch.

Step 3: Start Fishing


Once you choose a fish, it’s then released into the larger tank for your fishing—and hopefully, eating—pleasure! Most people who try their hand at fishing have limited experience, but there’s no need to be a pro-fisherman here. You are likely to catch your fish without a problem, so it’s time to let your line out and see what bites.

Step 4: Make Your Big Catch


Cast, wait, jerk and catch! As you can see, it’s a lot of fun. If you come to Zauo as a group, make sure to get everybody involved in scooping up the fish with the net and pulling it in. It’s a great way to enjoy a bit of teamwork and get the mood going before your fresh fish feast.

If you’re trying to catch one fish and end up catching another, talk with the waitstaff who will be happy to help you catch the one that got away. And in the event that you can’t seem to catch anything, ask the staff for some fishing know-how. No matter your level of fishing prowess, your experience is sure to end with a catch—and with it, a great meal.

Step 5: Time to Eat


After catching your fish, hand over your net to the waitstaff, who will make sure that the fish is quickly prepared according to your preferences. Even if there is only one fish between two people with very different tastes, you can rest easy; the staff is more than happy to prepare each half in a different way! In other words, picky eaters and culinary adventurers alike can all enjoy themselves no matter who’s in the group.

Three Great Ways to Enjoy Fish at Zauo Shinjuku


Don’t Like to Fish? Order Straight Off the Menu

Sazai Shellfishzauo
Of course, it’s possible to bypass the fishing altogether and order food without casting a line—this sazai shellfish, for example, comes straight off the menu, as do all the fish available at Zauo. However, if you catch your meal yourself, you can get a slight discount: the ¥3,360 sea bream will cost only ¥2,499 if you do the leg work, and a ¥3,990 flounder will cost ¥3,129. Saving money is wonderful, but the experience is about more than prices: Not only will fishing in the heart of Tokyo give you a lifelong memory, but it’s also simply too much fun to pass up! Everyone should plan to drop a line and see what it’s all about.

A Tokyo Restaurant with a Truly Unique “Al-Lure”


At Shinjuku’s fishing restaurant “Zauo,” you can enjoy reeling in a fresh catch and then have it prepared as you like it. Just like the restaurant’s slogan “Catch the fun!” says, visitors come for the joy of fishing and stay for the amazing food. Zauo is wonderful for dates, ideal for big groups or family outings, and even great for a single patron looking for a new Tokyo experience. Zauo Shinjuku will ensure a fun-filled event from your first cast to your last bite.



Restaurant Infomation

Phone: 03-3343-6622 (+81-3-3343-6622)
Address: Washington Hotel, 1st Floor, 3-2-9 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023
URL: Zauo Shinjuku ざうお 新宿店

» Article from JAPAN Foodie | GURUNAVI Japan Restaurant Guide

Enjoyable healing hot springs at Japanese airports.

There is a hot spring (Onsen) in the Japanese airports, please to the healing of the journey.

oyattosa-airport-hot spring

f you're seeing come to Kagoshima airport, Please experience the footbath of hot spring. Oyattosa natural hot spring foot baths Kagoshima airport is among the facilities Japanese airports, provide the first natural hot spring footbath. Anyone feel free to enjoy the hot spring mood.Please spend a blissful moments mind also healed the body
against the background of the nature.

鹿児島空港 天然温泉足湯おやっとさぁ

ENGLISH  http://koj-ab.co.jp/en/relax-and-enjoy/oyattosa.html

New Chitose Airport Onsen

ew Chitose Airport Onsen. Japanese-style hot springs in the Hokkaido airport! Enjoy the relax and refresh at beginning and end of the tour. Located on the top of the domestic terminal, building 4F. There are 11 guest rooms available for overnight stay. The Spa is really nice.

新千歳空港温泉 万葉の湯

ENGLISH  http://koj-ab.co.jp/en/relax-and-enjoy/oyattosa.html


agoya, Chubu Centrair International Airport. The first of its kind in Japan, travelers can relax and enjoy a relaxing soak in this bathhouse "Fu No Yu", which offers a view of the airplanes and the sunset beyond the Ise Bay. You can watch the departing airplanes, and take advantage of the hospitality to soothe your fatigue. This is a place to truly relish a fine moment while viewing the airplanes and watching the sun as it sets. Located on the Sky Town 4F

ENGLISH http://koj-ab.co.jp/en/relax-and-enjoy/oyattosa.html

New Year's Eve countdown in Singapore membership club

The countdown event invitation with the Miss World Japan 2015 Chika Nakagawa.

4th Floor Amazing View Tower Club New Year’s Eve Count Down Party! Straits Bar Buffet – Free flow of red and white wine, sparking line, Kirin beer, and award-winning Toshimaya Sake) .

If you want to keep your New Year’s Eve fun, lively, and casual, join us in Straits Bar (64F of the Tower Club, Republic Plaza) for a delicious buffet spread that’s easy to enjoy with friends and family. The evening will be attended by special guest, Ms World Japan 2015, Ms Chika Nakagawa. Ms. Nakagawa who is representing Japan in the Miss World Pageant, held in Sanya, China, will share her experience and role as Miss World Japan. Only the first 100 people are allowed in for this not to be missed event. Guests will have an opportunity for taking and to mingle with her. We have Salads, Sushi, Honey Glazed Gammon Ham, and Desserts, plus free-flow Sparkling Wine, Kirin Beer, and Sake to toast in the New Year.

  • $198/adult, 7-18 year olds go for $100, all other kids free.
  • SMS 8522-4150 with your full name, and number you wish to book.
  • Organized by Harry Hakuei Kosato of La Ditta Singapore Pte Ltd news@laditta.jp - Any questions, call 8522-4150 or email us.
  • For more information (in Japanese only) see: http://singapore.keizai.biz/headline/5937/

シンガポールのビジネスの中心地ラッフルズプレイスにある会員制クラブ「タワークラブ」(9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza Tower 1)64階で12月31日の大みそか、ミス・ワールドを招いたカウントダウンイベントが開催される。2014年に引き続き2回目の開催。通常会員しか利用できない「タワークラブ」の64階を貸し切り、マリーナ・ベイサンズを見ながらマリーナベイに上がるニューイヤーの花火を鑑賞できる。2015年は特別ゲストとして、ミス・ワールド2015日本代表に選ばれた中川知香さんも登場。当日は豊島屋本店の日本酒とビールが飲み放題で、インターナショナル料理のビュッフェのほか、年越しそばも提供する。



Haneda Meets the World in Ota city, Tokyo

International City Ota Festival in ‘Sora no Hi’ Haneda

he ‘Gateway to Japan’, Haneda International Airport, is located in Ota City. Here you can encounter a wealth of attractions, events and booths from all over the world on the day of the International City Ota Festival in Haneda! Experience the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, ice sculptures and tatami coaster making, and enjoy stage performances of Japanese dancing, bon festival dances and the ‘Hanedabushi’ folk song and dance which have been passed down for generations in Haneda. Mingle with global citizens at the Multilingual World Café, and discover new and delightful cuisines at the World Food Court.
What’s more, you can participate in a ‘multilingual tour about town’ with our experienced Haneda tour guide. On this tour you’ll learn about the history of Haneda, and get a closer look at Japanese everyday life! Please book your place in advance at http://machiguide.web.fc2.com/

There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to have fun alongside Japanese people, including events such as the ‘Guinness World Record Challenge: let’s form a giant human airplane’, Cosplay Competition, and Wather Bus Tour of the waterways around the airport. (Please see below for more information) Many of embassies will also be setting up booths and giving exclusive stage performances!

In the Cool Japan Corner, we’ll be making use of Haneda airport for our food market, which will sell the very freshest vegetables and seafood, as well as other prided seasonal products from all over Japan. Don’t forget to taste the autumn flavors of Japan’s various regions at our special pop-up restaurant! There’ll also be surprise goody bags, goldfish scooping, anime goods and plenty more besides. Come along to the International City Ota Festival in Haneda and immerse yourself in Japanese and world culture to your heart’s content!


  • Event times: 3rd October 2015(Sat) 10:00-16:00(Will be cancelled in case of heavy rain)
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Venue: Area next to Tenkubashi station, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • Access: 1 minute walk from Tenkubashi station exit A1 on the Keikyu Airport line
  • Inquiries: Ota City Tourism, Internationalization and Multiculturalism Promotion Division
  • Organizers: International City Ota Festival in Haneda executive committee, Ota City
  • 1 minute walk from Tenkubashi station on the Tokyo monorail
  • Shuttle bus from JR Kamata station or JR Omori station
  • A loop-line bus between Haneda airport and the event venue
  • TEL: 03-5744-1226

世界・日本中からヒト・モノが集まる羽田空港で、「多文化共生」と「国際交流」をテ ーマとしたイベントを開催します。世界約20か国の大使館・観光局のブースを回って世界の文化に触れたり、ステージで繰り広げられる世界の音楽やダンスを楽しんだりできます。「異文化交流ワールドカフェ」は、ゲームやワークショップを通して、楽しく文化交流ができるコーナーです。お腹がすいたら、世界の食が集合したワールドフードコートでお好きな料理を楽しみましょう。
「ギネス記録に挑戦!人文字で飛行機をつくろう!」、「空の日コスプレ博」など日本人も外国人も一緒に楽しめる企画も盛りだくさんです。 6月にミニアルバム「こんにちは羽田」をリリースした大田区観光PR特使「シクラメン」のミニライブ&キッズダンスコンテストも開催されます。10月3日(土)は「国際都市おおたフェスティバルin『空の日』羽田」で、世界・日本旅行を楽しみませんか?

Buy Limited-edition commemorative artworks by Katsuhiro Otomo-大友克洋.

ales of the Limited-Edition Japanese Artworks.To mark the completion of the Sendai Airport relief, 250 limited-edition commemorative artworks created through a unique method of art printing are now available for sale via this website.

大友克洋的原創巨型浮雕作品在仙台機場披露後、開始銷售了!国内外都能購入!利用特殊的藝術印刷方法和作者的親筆簽名,版本編號,是一個寶貴的限定原創紀念品。 在通過綱上購買時請先選擇送貨地點「日本國内或國際海外」。


ENGLISH  http://www.sendai-kinkadoji.com/en.ht
FRENCH   http://www.sendai-kinkadoji.com/fr.html
JAPANESE http://www.sendai-kinkadoji.com/

Kinka Doji Riding the Waves Accompanied by Fujin and Raijin 金華童子驅使風神雷神乘風破浪圖

f:id:sushiandsake:20150415115945p:plain“Kinka Doji Riding the Waves Accompanied by Fujin and Raijin”

A ceramic relief designed by "Katsuhiro Otomo", the world-renowned Japanese manga artist. 

Contents: Giclee Print a framed, hand-signed, and numbered edition of the artwork; a cloth-lined frame box; a brochure introducing the artwork. (Requests for specific edition numbers will be refused)
Dimensions: Artwork 758x270mm; Frame 952x416mm

原稿尺寸:416 画框 × 952毫米,原画尺寸 270×758毫米

原稿尺寸:416 画框 × 952毫米,原画尺寸 270×758毫米

f:id:sushiandsake:20150415133818j:plainDesign and Supervision: Katsuhiro Otomo
設計和監督 / 设计和监督:大友克洋

To give the Great East Japan earthquake disaster cheering, born Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture, to "AKIRA" and other works of cartoonist famous Katsuhiro Otomo launch paintings.

為給東日本大地震災區加油鼓勁,生於宮城縣登米市、以《AKIRA》等作品成名的漫畫家大友克洋推出畫作。在3月12日仙台機場候機大廳1樓的國際線到達大廳亮相了巨大陶板浮雕“金華童子驅使風神雷神乘風破浪圖 (長約8.7米,高約2.8米)”。

为给东日本大地震灾区加油鼓劲,生於宫城县登米市、以《AKIRA》等作品成名的漫画家大友克洋推出画作。在3月12日仙机场候机大厅1楼的国际线到达大厅亮相了巨大陶板浮雕“金华童子驱使风神雷神乘风破浪图" 长约8.7米,高约2.8米)”。原图正中是骑在一条机械风格大鱼背上的虚构“童子”,两旁是风神和雷神。这幅画的主题是要表现“勇於面对强大的自然力量,冲向充满希望的未来”。

Kinka Doji Riding the Waves Accompanied by Fujin and Raijin

Kinka Doji Riding the Waves Accompanied by Fujin and Raijin 金華童子驅使風神雷神乘風破浪圖

Tokyo! 2015 Autumn & Winter of latest fashion debut

ercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo" was announce new fashion of autumn and winter by 2015-2016 at the venue of Shibuya Hikarie at March 16.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

And was shown a top of the runway of Thailand "Suretoshisu (Sretsis)". "Labyrinth (maze)" appropriate to the theme of, wild strawberries and grapes, flowers, such as birds and foxes, playful joyful fashion using the full motif is one after another appeared.

5 as one of the large fashion collection, it is an event that is focused around the world. Around this time Shibuya, Roppongi, participated in 52 brands of Japan and overseas, Until March 21 of over a 6-day thing and be held.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

During the period, as the event that the general public can participate, Limited products lined "Suites Runway", "Goods Runway", "Cocktail Runway" and, "Shibuya Fashion Week," "Ginza Fashion Week" in each area, Various pop-up shop, etc. held.

In this season that the street of Japan is colored in Fashion, It is a chance to meet to new look to myself. Don't Miss!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

March 16 to 21(3月16日-21日)
» Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

» Sretsis スレトシス

March 12 to 25(3月12日-25日)
» Suites Runway スイーツランウェイ
» Goods Runway 雑貨ランウェイ

March 12 to 22(3月12日-22日)
» Cocktail Runway カクテルランウェイ

March 16 to 29(3月16日-29日)
» Shibuya Fashion Week 渋谷ファッションウイーク

March 18 to 31(3月18日-31日)
» Ginza Fashion Week 銀座ファッションウイーク


March 23 (Monday), Tokyo outing information site "Let's enjoy Tokyo" in new fashion feature (Japanese only) started.
To "More fun! More fashionable! The outing of Tokyo" the concept, assuming a variety of outing scene, And a perfect attire to suggest a variety of perspectives, a new encounter with the user and the "Fashion" creation to you.
3月23日(月)、東京おでかけ情報サイト「レッツエンジョイ東京」では新しくファッション特集(URL: http://www.enjoytokyo.jp/fashion/)をスタートさせます。「東京のおでかけをもっと楽しく!もっとおしゃれに!」をコンセプトに、様々なおでかけシーンを想定し、 それにぴったりの装いを多様な切り口で提案することで、利用者と「ファッション」との新しい出会いを創出します。

First series is, and coordination "trend dating Spring" that stylist Irie MiYu Mr. proposed, Model Reiko Takagaki's holiday style, also BEAMS, SHIPS, such as ESTNATION, popular brands New items and shop information also appeared one after another.

Gurunavi, Inc. | Corporate Information

Spring Geisha Evening in Kanazawa 2015

Spring Geisha Evening in Kanazawa 2015

he mysterious beauty of these traditional entertainers stand our at twilght in the Higashi Chayagai district. You'll have an unforgettable experience in Kanazawa
- Dates: Mar 18(Wed) - May 8(Fri) ,2015
Starts:18:00-19:30 (reception from 17:30)
Place: “懐華樓” KAIKARO ( Higashi Chayagai district in Kanazawa )
Fee: ¥4,800 Per person (Adult) / ¥3,800 (Children:7-15)
・50 seatsavailablePerday・Planroarriveearly;seatingisfirstcome、
English http://yadotime.excursions.jp/
Japanese http://www.yadotime.jp/

Spring Geisha Evening in Kanazawa

Spring Geisha Evening in Kanazawa

Kanda University International Students meet to Japan Company

Introducing the eight exchange student.

anda University of International Studies supports you and your dream to be successful on the world stage. In December 2, 2014, exchange student eight of Kanda University of International Studies, was conducted exchange activities with Japanese restaurant search site company "GURUNAVI".


International students, Thailand, Spain, Indonesia, etc. 8 people joined. To students, we practice the write mock interview, articles in Japanese companies. The article, their restaurants and food culture has been introduced.
Comments about article please our facebook.
» Gununavi International Student Network (ぐるなび留学生ネットワーク)


Japanese Pub Restaurant, Izakaya

At this time I`m going to give short introduction about one of Japanese traditional restaurant. That restaurant is called izakaya in Japanese. There are a lot of izakaya restaurant in Japan. There always a lot of people in izakaya, especially on the weekend period. Plenty of Japanese salary man always go to izakaya after they finished their work at the weekend period for drinking with the coworkers and friends. Among the izakaya is Chiba chan which is very famous in Chiba prefecture. I`ve been there for some times.

I have some recommendation menus in Chiba chan. Those are the Karage and the Yaki soba. The food there is cheap, delicious and in a BIG portion. They serve all of the menus in three portion the normal size, big size (Baka) and mega big(Oobaka). I do recommend to order the mega big size for any menu. People always come there in a group of two people until 10 people. They always enjoying drinking, eating while chatting with their friends.


If you have never gone to izakaya, I strongly recommend to go there. They have a kind of Japanese atmosphere, which you won`t find in any other country else. Another recommended menu is the horse meat, the horse meat here is very soft and taste is good. This all about the short introduction of Izakaya, the other introduction of Japanese restaurant or food going to come soon.
» English http://r.gnavi.co.jp/gc2x002/lang/en/


Japan Ramen (Noodles) Store

I would like to recommend Ichiran, the ramen restautant. As far as I am aware, there is one of these restaurants in the Shibuya and Chiba districts of Japan. The restaurant specializes in rame and a staff memeber hands you two forms upon sitting down, the first of which asks the customer how they would like their ramen made. The options are quite intricate, such as the flavor strengh, richness (fat content), thickness of the noodles, thick green onions slices or thin green onion slices, and they even have a "special" sauce that you choose to add to your ramen. I warn, however, that this sauce is very spicy and if you choose to add the full amount, your ramen's broth will surely turn red. No matter which toppings you choose, the price for your ramen remains the same at approximaterly 750yen.


One things to keep in mind, however, is this restaurant is not mean to be visited with a large group of friends looking to socialize while anjoying their meals. The restaurant includes booths instead of tables. Therefore, you cannot see ther person next to you very well. The lights of are also very dim so you are not meant to enjoy scenery, except that of your ramen, Upon sitting down, the booth contains a water fountain for refills, a few menus and advertisements along the walls, and a button at the center top section. This is meant for when you wish to use the second form I mentioned at the beginning. The form includes any additional toppings or sides you wish to order with your ramen, such as a boilded egg, a bowil of white rice, more slices of pork, etc. Kae-dama is also one of these options and only costs 180yen.
» Japanese http://r.gnavi.co.jp/gxnp4evc0000/


Japanese restaurant Chain of Sushi

When somebody thinks about Japan one of the first things that come to mind may be Sushi because it is one of then Japanese gastronomy dishes that has become more popular outside Japan. But actually very few foreign people really know what exactly it is and how it has to be eaten. Sushi consists in vinegared rice combined with other ingredients. Althought it is also important to sya that ther are different kinds of sushi. Japanese people normally understand as sushi the makizushi and the nigirizushi, bt sometimes it is also extensive to the sashimi. Another appreciation I want to add is that some people does not know that the sushi does not have to be soaked with my soy sauce. The right way to eat it is just moistening a liitle bit.

This is the case of the chain of restaurants called Sushiro. It is placed in different points of Japan and they offer different kinds of sushi for one hundred yens each serving. The restaurants are provided with a chain where the sushi goes around in circles until it is taken by the person that ordered it. Also, each table have a touch screen where you can choose the type of sushi you want to order and the screen calls you when your order is near you, so you can take it. Another good point of this restaurant is that the menu is available in English, so it is easier for the foreign people to understand. Also  it is important to remark that you can choose if you want to eat the sushi with wasabi or without it, which is very advantageous for those who are not used to eating wasabi. In other restautants the wassabi is already incorporated. At the end, pay for the quantily of plates you have on the table, so you can calulate more or  less how much you want tp pay out.


For all the reasons I exposed before I think that the Sushiro restaurant is a good option for those people that want to taste a good sushi but don't want to a expend  a lot of money on it. So I invite people to visit any of the Sushiro restaurants and to enjoy eating Sushi.
» Japanese http://r.gnavi.co.jp/2xxxpyty0000/

- About -
Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) is a private university in eastern Japan founded in 1987. Based on the velief that "Languages is the foundation to link the world in peace," the university is dedicated to developing individuals with the ability to communicate with people all over the world.
» Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS)

Gurunavi began in 1996 with the goal providing restaurant support services for all their needs. We believe that the combination of the food market and the e-market holds the key to creating an entirely new form of food culture for the 21st century.
» Gurunavi, Inc. | Corporate Information

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Tokyo International Film Festival 2014 Report 3



Five top chefs, representatives of Japan, created a Gastronomic Festival with a special menu, offering exclusive dishes to be enjoyed only during the Film Festival! We were able to enjoy excellent food prepared by extraordinary Japanese chefs at reasonable prices, my soul and body were full!!


Among the participating chefs were Mamoru Kataoka, owner chef of “Ristorante al Porto” and one of pioneers of Italian cuisine in Japan, chef Shinji Kanesaka, currently in charge of the famous shop “Kanesaka” and who has opened branches abroad expanding his activities in a truly global way, chef Yosuke Suga, right arm of famous chef Joel Robuchon, and who has rised several restaurants to the star holding level, and Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (NOBU), owner of more that 30 shops around the world, and it has been selected as one of the top chef in America.

ちなみに、今回出店したのは「リストランテ アルポルト」のオーナーシェフとして、日本での本格イタリア料理の草分け的存在の片岡 護シェフ。現在では名店「かねさか」を経営し、海外にも支店を展開するなどグローバルに活躍の場を広げている金坂真次シェフ。フレンチの巨匠ジョエル・ロブション氏の右腕として、世界中に星付きレストランを作り上げてきた須賀洋介シェフ。世界に30店舗以上を構え、全米ベストシェフ10人に選ばれた世界が認めるシェフ、NOBUこと松久信幸シェフ。

The special menu offered by these extraordinary chefs was concentrated in one place at the Roppongi Hills arena! This was a glitzy space and I couldn’t help visiting it every day and eating a lot! (Laughs)



So, now let me do a little gourmet report! This was really delicious!!!
NOBUTOKYO’s “Monaka sandwich of matsutake and mushroom rice” (500JPY)

せっかくなのでここで、ちょっぴり食レポさせてもらいます! 格段においしかったのは、コチラ!!

Iate this Monaka sandwich every single time I passed by (Laughs), the matsutake was really conceentrated (laughs), surprisingly enough the match with monaka was great! Even now, I can recall the fragant aroma.


Needless to say, in addition to these stalls, the Roppongi area is full of delicious restaurantes and every day, during the festival, I was able to eat wonderful dishes.


In addition, a limited event, the World Cosplay Summit at Tokyo International Film Festival was held, here, top cosplayers that love Japanese anime and manga came from more than 22 countries and regions. There were plenty of events held within the framework of the film festival.


Tokyo International Film Festival 2014 Report 2


You can make questions in your own voice and words

Well, the charm of the Tokyo International Film Festival, is that even the general public can interact with directors and actors who are active in the world!!


Directly, you can make questions in your own voice and words, or get a signature! The distance between the public and the leading filmmakers shrinks in no time! For the fans is like been in heaven.


What guests are attending from all the world? I am always full of expectations, but this year, I especially was looking forward to the director of a number of works such as "The Nightmare Before Christmas," or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", Tim Burton.


This time, in the special invitation section, we saw the director of the movie “The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet “, widely known in Japan for the very unique and sucessful movie “Amelie”, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and the leading star Kyle Catlett.


Also in the special invitation section, with the movie "Chase!” we had the visit of Indian “national treasure” actor Aamir Khan and director Vijay Krishna Acharya. Every day famous actors and directors, as well as superstars livened up the film festival!



Well, my No. 1 recommended movie for this winter is "Chase!" From the modified BMW bike that runs not only over land, but also over water, or makes acrobatics in the sky, to the gorgeous Indian circus that serves as stage, for about 150 minutes I had the excitement dose of about one month (laughs).


I participated in many Q&A sessions set for some movies, where you can make direct questions to the actors, producers or directors, but I want to mention the Competition section that has become the “face” of the film festival.



Next year the film festival will come back more powerful

I participated in many Q&A sessions set for some movies, where you can make direct questions to the actors, producers or directors, but I want to mention the Competition section that has become the “face” of the film festival.


This year 15 movies were screened from a total of 1373 works submitted from 92 countries and regions. Only to be screened, each work had a 1 in 92 possibilities of been chosen, even considering the balance of countries and genre. These works were all winners of a difficult selection process!!!

今年は92の国と地域から計1373作品がエントリーされ15本の作品が上映されたそう。上映されるだけで、倍率約92倍という国やジャンルのバランスを考えながら 集められた高いハードルを越えてきた作品たち!!

The Q&A session for the works in the competition section, as well as the greeting session were again very popular this year!!/p>


When I was trying to select a movie in the competition section, two movies call my attention, the French movie “Marseille Connection” and the Chinese movie “River Road”./p>


In the Q&A session with directors Gilles Lellouche and Cedric Jimenez after the screening of “Marseille Connection”, the public entered towards the interior of the movie, and the director himself told us that, to make the audience feel closer to the characters, the filming was carried out using a hand camera, we also hear some anecdotes about the role making from Gilles Lellouche./p>


In the Q&A session after the screening of the Chinese movie "River Road", director Lee Ruijin talked about the difficulties they faced to carry the camels that appear in the movie to the shooting location, as they have to put them in a car for transportation, he shared unexpected shooting anecdotes and confessed that he likes Japan’s ramen so much, that he was eating it every day since he arrived in Tokyo.
The closeness is what makes you say "This is a film festival!" Candid stories, everything was so interesting!


The 27th Tokyo International Film Festival extended for 9 days. On the last day, results were announced one after another, but for me, this year’s festival was not about prizes, the real charm of the festival was the feeling that it has the momentum to develop even further.


An ever improving lineup of superb works, exploitation of the animation underlying strength, big actors and directors visiting Japan. And more than anything, the movie fans enthusiasm!


The largest festival of Asia for movies fans was full of excitement, these 9 days convinced me that next year the film festival will come back more powerful than ever!


Tokyo International Film Festival 2014 Report 1


The "27th Tokyo International Film Festival" was help in Japan.

Highlights Report of the Film Festival in Japan

Nice to meet you, my name is Sayumi Higashi, a movie’s sommelier on Japanese movies writers, MC, etc.
Last month, Asia's largest film festival, the "27th Tokyo International Film Festival", was held in Japan (October 23 to 31) . I went to see it for a few days, and I would like to give you a basic report on the highlights in this "Japan Trend Ranking”.

はじめまして、日本で映画ライター・映画MC等をしている映画ソムリエの東 紗友美と申します。

TOHO Cinema Nihonbashi in Roppongi Hills

Three venues were selected for 2014 years, 27th Tokyo International Film Festival. The main venue, Roppongi Hills, and other two venues, TOHO Cinema Nihonbashi, newly open this year, and the Kabuki-za Theater, whose external look reflects the charm of Japanese culture.



In Roppongi, the main venue, not only the venue, but also the station and the city, were full of advertising for the film festival, the whole city was enjoying the festival! Station’s passages and escalators showed an array of movie posters one after other. From the moment I got off the train, I steeped into the film festival mood, and my tension went up at once!



The first day, October 23!


Not only movie actors and directors from all over the world walked the red carpet at Roppongi Hills, anime popular characters, like Doraemon or those from Attack on Titan also appeared. At the end, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also walked the red carpet! This year the Festival started with the greetings from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who said that "capitalizing on Japan’s assets in the form of art, culture, sports, economy, and technology, and looking forward to year 2020, we send a message of dreams and hope to the world.”


初日の10月23日!六本木ヒルズでのレッドカーペットでは世界中から集まった映画俳優や監督のほか、ドラえもん・進撃の巨人など人気アニメのキャラクターも登場!! ラストには、安倍晋三首相もレッドカーペットを歩きました! 「芸術、文化、スポーツ、経済、技術という日本の素晴らしさをいかして、2020年に向けて世界に夢と希望を発信する。」という安倍首相の挨拶から始まった今回の映画祭。

Opening ceremony became an “Entertainment spiritual spot”

Then, the cheering voice of the ladies in the venue inundated the opening ceremony as the group Arashi, highly popular not only in Japan, but also in other Asian countries, made a surprise appearance as Special Ambassadors!
They talked about the charm of the film festival.
Then, Mr. Yasushi Akimoto, widely known as the producer of AKB48 group and general producer of this year festival, was presented. There the establishment of the “SAMURAI”, special award honoring filmmakers with epoch making work full of sensibility, was announced, with this year’s award going to director Takeshi Kitano.
We can said that all the entertainment world of Japan concentrated at the Tokyo International Film Festival, and the place became an “Entertainment spiritual spot”!

そして、会場を黄色い声援で包んだのはオープニングセレモニーで、スペシャルアンバサダーとしてサプライズで登場した日本だけでなくアジアでも大人気の嵐! 映画祭の魅力を語ってくれました。

The lineup was focused on animation

The festival was over, and when looking back, I would said that, this year we were witness to “Attack of the anime on the film festival”!!
The lineup was focused on animation, and I could feel that Japan anime is set to enliven the world!

映画祭が終わり、振り返ってみると、今年の映画祭のなんといっても「アニメでガンガン攻めた映画祭」だったということが伺えます!! アニメーションに注力したラインナップに、日本のアニメーションを世界に発信し盛り上げていく勢いを感じることができました!


The opening work and closing work

This year 2014, the opening work was the premiere in Japan of “Big Hero 6”, from Walt Disney Animation Studios, the team behind the big hit Frozen (2013 film)”. The closing work was the live-action film “Parasite”, based on the monumental Japanese manga with the same name that has sold more than 11 million copies to enthusiastic fans around the world.

今年2014年、オープニング作品は本邦初公開のアナと雪の女王をヒットさせたディズニーアニメーション映画の最新作『ベイマックス』! クロージング作品には単行本の累計発行部数は1100万部を越した世界を熱狂させた日本マンガの金字塔『寄生獣』の実写映画上映で締めくくられました。

In particular, for me, born and raised in Tokyo, “Big Hero 6” had a special resonance. I was impressed, knowing that it was set in a fictional city, “San Fransokyo”, a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo!


It is the story of the ties of friendship between a boy that lost his brother and a health care robot “Bymax” and its friends, but it has details reminiscent of “Tokyo Tower” and Shinbashi underpass streets that are so vivid! The directors really carried out a rigorous field survey to create San Fransokyo!!


In this city, where Disney has woven the “Tokyo essence", Baymax and Hiro fly in lively scenes that took me, an adult, to an exciting world full of dreams. (In theaters from December 20th, 2014) More than anything, I was so happy to know that the world premiere was in Japan!

ディズニーが織りなす「東京のエッセンス」が入り込んだ架空の都市でベイマックスとヒロが空を飛び回る躍動感あふれるシーンはまさに、夢のあふれる世界で大人の私でも大興奮でした。(公開 2014年12月20日)何より、本邦初公開という、世界ではじめての上映が東京で行われたのも嬉しかったです!

And then, the screening of the theater version of “Attack on Titan”, set to appear in theaters in November 2014, also became a hot topic!
"Attack on Titan" has become a social phenomenon in Japan, and in this summer the book total circulation surpassed the 40 million mark.
The manga describes the fight between human beings and cannibal giants, and the fans of the original work were eagerly waiting for this live-action film!! This screening was, of course, a hot topic!!

進撃の巨人は、この夏、単行本累計発行部数4000 万部を 突破したことで日本でも社会現象となっているコンテンツ!!

f:id:sushiandsake:20141125211212j:plain  f:id:sushiandsake:20141125211554j:plain

And, without a doubt, top among this year’s attractions was the first screening of the “The World of Hideaki Anno”, encasing the works of one of the most important filmmakers in Japan, Hideaki Anno!



Works like "Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water" (1990 TV anime, general director), or “Evangelion” series on an artificial human, have become a huge boom all over the world, and are considered the animation work representative of Japan. In addition to the TV animation work and animation movies, the special screening also included 50 early works of Anno Hideaki, with valuable short films, CM, PV that he produced independently during his school days!


With a unique lineup only to be seen here, it was a large-scale screening that all the anime fans around the world wanted to see.


In the main venue, the Roppongi Hills, the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival Special Screenings set an event on occasion of the presentation of the version for theaters of “THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor/Episode 10: Runaway! Redlabor” as an invited work. In this event, the public could see a real size AV-98 Ingram rise up, and a many people would gather to watch this event several times in a day, it was so exciting! Passerbays would stop to take a picture of Ingram!

他にも、メイン会場である六本木ヒルズ アリーナでは、第27回東京国際映画祭 特別招待作品『THE NEXT GENERATION パトレイバー/エピソード10:暴走!赤いレイバー』の長編劇場版の特別映像の出品にちなんだイベントとして、実物大98式AVイングラムの勇姿が立ち上がり、1日数回のデッキアップのタイミングでは、多くの人が集まり、大盛況!その前を通る人はみんな、イングラムの写真を撮影していましたよ!

I also was attracted to the smartness of this life-size Ingram, so every day of the Festival, day and night, I went to visit him (laugh). The closeness made my heart pound excitedly! It looked gorgeous against the autumn sky.


The brave figure of the life-size Ingram thrilled a lot of people, becoming a hot trend in Twitter, Instagram and other SNS.


Next to the 8 meters tall giant Ingram, at Roppongi Hills Arena, the cafeteria TOKYO CINEMA CUISINE was open.

そして、そんな8メートルの巨大イングラムの姿の横、六本木ヒルズ アリーナでは、「東京映画食堂 TOKYO CINEMA CUISINE」も開催されました。


Evening Geisha Performance and Tea House Tour 2014

he mysterious beauty of these traditional entertainers stand our at twilght in the Higashi Chayagai district. You'll have an unforgettable experience in Kanazawa
- Dates: Nov. 7 (Fri.), 12 (Wed.), 22 (Sat.) and 25 (Tue.)
Starts:18:30-19:30 (reception from 17:45)
Place: “懐華樓” KAIKARO ( Higashi Chayagai district in Kanazawa )
Fee: ¥3,500 Per person (Adult)
- Direct Call: 090-1312-5174
  (English spoken / Monday-Friday / 9:00-17:00)
English http://yadotime.excursions.jp/
Japanese http://www.yadotime.jp/





Festival of Japanese university that enjoy also to foreigners

"The University Festival" (Daigaku-sai) are popular in Japanese(^_^)/

n tannual event held by most universities in Japan.
- ICU Festival 2014: Oct. 25, 26 (at ICU, near Musashisakai station or Mitaka station) http://www.icu-fes.com/
- Sophia Festival 2014: Nov. 1-3 (at Sophia University, near Yotsuya station) http://www.sophia-festival.com/
- Yuhi Festival: Nov. 3-4 (at Dokkyo University, near Matsubaradanchi station) http://www2.dokkyo.ac.jp/~club0058/
- 92nd Gaigosai Festival: Nov. 20-24 (at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, near Tama station) http://www.gaigosai.com/index.html